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National Pandemic Flu Service rolled out today

National Pandemic Flu Service rolled out today
23rd July 2009

In an effort to help GPs with the rise in people worried by the prospect of swine flu, the government has launched the National Pandemic Flu Service.

Those wanting to find out more information or have fast access to anti-viral treatment can now log on to or call 0800 1 513 100 or 0800 1 513 200 (textphone), to gain details from self-care portals.

Health secretary Andy Burnham said of the service: "People can still speak to their GP if they are concerned.

"In fact - it is important to stress that people with underlying health conditions, pregnant women, and parents with children under the age of one should speak to their GP if they have symptoms."

He added that despite this, the vast majority of people will only see mild symptoms from swine flu, with standard methods such as staying in bed, drinking plenty of water and taking over-the-counter flu medication still being recommended.

Symptoms people may want to watch out for include a sudden fever, a sudden cough, headaches, tiredness, aching pains and diarrhoea.

Please click here for advice to help you find the right type of care.