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National dementia plan for Wales

National dementia plan for Wales
8th October 2008

A national dementia plan for Wales is to be developed by health professionals and experts.

Chaired by Ian Thomas, director of Alzheimer's Society in Wales, the group will produce a draft plan for consultation by next April.

Health minister Edwina Hart says the plan is a "major step forward" for dementia patients and their families.

"It will provide us with the opportunity to address current dementia services and look at how we can effectively deal with the projected growth in the number of people suffering with dementia over the next 20 years," she comments.

The group will examine a recent review which found that dementia presents challenges throughout public services and consider ideas on giving information alongside prescriptions and training for staff at care homes.

According to Alzheimer's Society, there are 37,000 people with dementia in Wales and this number is set to rise by 35 per cent over the next 20 years.

Earlier this week author Terry Pratchett urged people to talk openly about dementia, pointing out that folklore states that if a demon is to be killed, his name has to be said first.

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