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National Cholesterol Week to highlight health issues

National Cholesterol Week to highlight health issues
19th September 2011

National Cholesterol week is aiming to underline the dangers of cholesterol, with those soon to find a care home no doubt paying attention to the cause.

Chief executive of Heart UK, Jules Payne, said that high cholesterol can be inherited or acquired through poor lifestyle and diet.

"There are things that people can do. Once you know you have got it you can actually address the matter. People with inherited-high cholesterol need to go and see their GP and get treated," she advised.

This follows research by the charity which revealed that Brits are not that savvy when it comes to cholesterol knowledge.

Some 40 per cent of respondents wrongly believed that elevated cholesterol was a result of drinking too much, while almost 60 per cent were unaware that it could be inherited.

In addition, almost half of Brits have undergone a cholesterol check, with two per cent of those surveyed responding that it is their biggest health concern.

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