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Music will 'find a cure for MS', singer says

Music will 'find a cure for MS', singer says
21st August 2009

Ortise Williams, a member of the number one boy band JLS, has spoken of his mother's struggle against the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The singer explained to the Daily Express that it profoundly affected his family but caused himself and his brother Temisan, now 20, to aim high and find solace through music and science.

He said that when he was 16, both he and his brother began researching on the internet into a cure for MS, which inspired them both to go in separate directions.

Ortise continued: "We put a plan together: my brother would become a scientist and I would go into the music business and try to make lots of money. That way we'd have both the means and the ability to find our own cure.

Both men are looking to see their plan through to the end, with Temisan currently at Westminster University studying biomedical science as his side of the bargain.

JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing, with the group being described as "brilliant" by Simon Cowell and "the best band we've had on the X Factor by far" by Cheryl Cole.

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