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Music prompts memories in elderly care home residents

Music prompts memories in elderly care home residents
28th April 2008

A study taking place in the US is testing the effect of music upon Alzheimer's patients.

Patients at the Northampton Rehabilitation and Nursing Centre listen to music from the Northampton Community Music Centre several times a week as part of an effort to help them recover memories from their past, reports the Republican.

The scheme started in January this year, and staff at the centre have already noted some improvements in the patients, with some no-verbal residents singing along to the performances and others who don't normally respond to stimuli registering emotions on their faces.

"While they have memory loss and there's been some brain deterioration, music brings certain memories back for them," Jason Trotta, executive director of the Northampton Community Music Centre, told the publication.

"Studies show that music is one of the last things to go."

This follows news that nursing care homes in the US are using films to help provoke memories within its elderly residents.

Residents at the Essex Park Rehabilitation Centre, Spectrum Adult Day Centre, Brooksby Village and the Hearthstone Foundation in Salem are all partaking in a new trial which sees them watching old movie clips in an attempt to jog their memories, reports Salem News.

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