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Multiple sclerosis charity benefits from charity swim

Multiple sclerosis charity benefits from charity swim
25th October 2010

A man with multiple sclerosis has just completed a one-mile swim in Loch Lomond to raise vital funds for disease research and social care.

Stephen Doherty, 40, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 11 years ago, and can now only walk short distances unaided, according to the Daily Record.

However, Mr Doherty says that the one time he does not feel disabled is when he is swimming, so he took to the water to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

He told the publication that he wanted to help the charity as a thank you for all the support they gave him when he was struggling to come to terms with his condition.

"They gave me a lot of information and reassurance that my life wasn't over after I was diagnosed. Doing this swim is an example of that. When I was first diagnosed, I was in denial," Mr Doherty explained.

The MS Society has reported mixed feelings over the government's Comprehensive Spending Review, welcoming the extra £2 billion a year for social care but fearing it will be swallowed up by cuts in local authority budgets.

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