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MS sufferer to highlight plight through Everest trek

MS sufferer to highlight plight through Everest trek
23rd January 2009

A woman with multiple sclerosis (MS) plans to highlight the plight of those suffering from the condition by climbing the world's tallest mountain, it has been reported.

Mark Morical of the Associated Press revealed that 54-year-old Wendy Booker, who has already climbed some of the tallest peaks on six continents of the world, is to complete her scaling of the Seven Summits with her final challenge: facing Everest.

Climbing with her friend Brooke Barnes of Mountain Link, Ms Booker said she was highlighting the situation which many people may face with a physical disability.

She said of her newest challenge: "I wanted to show what life with MS is like. It's a struggle. You can't always get to the top."

The MS Society is the UK's largest charity for the condition which affects 85,000 people in the UK.

It funds research, promotes and provides respite care and operates a freephone helpline for those affected directly or indirectly by MS.

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