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MS Society AGM sees record votes cast

MS Society AGM sees record votes cast
16th September 2009

The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society has celebrated the success of its latest annual general meeting (AGM) this weekend after the highest number of votes for resolutions was accepted.

According to the charity, nearly 7,500 members voted on the resolutions, compared to 4,000 in 2008, with all eight proposals being collectively approved.

This represented 20 per cent of all members who exercised their democratic rights with the organisation directly.

Chief executive of the MS Society Simon Gillespie said: "There is a lot still to be done to put these resolutions into practice. The trustees want us to get back out there to talk to MS Society volunteers and supporters to put them into practice."

He added that a core part of this strategy will be to ensure members throughout the UK understand their role in the MS Society, making it clear that they have a say in how the organisation is run.

The MS Society is the UK's largest charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), representing around 100,000 individuals with the condition.

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