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MPs admit to mental health issues

MPs admit to mental health issues
18th June 2012

In a landmark debate in the House of Commons last week a series of MPs admitted to having mental health problems.

Among them was conservative Dr Sarah Wollaston, who claims she went through "severe" post-natal depression.

The revelations emerged during the four and a half hour debate, which was designed to enable ministers to talk about the mental health issues that matter.

Prior to the session, hundreds of Britons contacted their MPs to share their views and experiences in the hope of encouraging them to take action on the issue.

During the debate politicians addressed the need for more open discussion about mental health and investment in new therapies.

MPs also recognised an urgent need to overhaul the Work Capability Assessment so people experiencing disorders liked depression can take the time they need of work in relative financial security.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity Mind, commented: "This is considerable step forward in removing the stigma, fear and discrimination that surrounds mental health problems, and Mind commends the Members involved for bravely addressing these issues."

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