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Motor neurone victim remembered through trek

Motor neurone victim remembered through trek
26th January 2009

Four siblings from the north-east town of Hartlepool will embark on a 26-mile trek across South America to raise money for motor neurone disease after losing their mother to the condition.

Alan, Neil and Ian Sutheran will be joined by their sister Lynne Dutton in walking the Inca Trail, a notoriously difficult path to traverse, in order to bring about awareness for the condition which claimed the life of Sheila Sutheran, who suffered from bulbar palsy, the Hartlepool Mail reported.

Commenting on his mother's deteriorating physical state, Alan stated: "She had a great sense of humour even when she found she was terminal. She lost the use of speech so she used to write little notes and a lot of them were quite funny."

The charity walk follows a number of other initiatives carried out by the family and friends, including a coast-to-coast bike ride from Hartlepool to Whitehaven which raised £1,200.

According to the Inca Trail web resource, the final destination of the Inca Trail is the lost city of the Incas - Machu Picchu - a place which rises out of the subtropical jungle and other dramatic mountain scenery.

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