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Motor neurone disease 'is still being misdiagnosed'

Motor neurone disease 'is still being misdiagnosed'
28th May 2010

People with motor neurone disease (MND) are often misdiagnosed when the condition first prevents symptoms, it has been claimed.

According to the MND Association of Scotland, patients are often told the symptoms there are experiencing are caused by a stroke, or even a trapped nerve.

Misdiagnosis in the early stages of the condition reduces life expectancy for people with the disease from between two and five years to just 14 months, a spokesman for the charity said.

Earlier this week, the MND Association's announced it will be funding a new stem cell research programme, hoping to find treatments or even a cure for the condition.

The spokesperson commented: "This project is a major scientific advancement. Motor neurone disease is a fatal illness with no known cure.

"It can cause paralysis, loss of speech and difficulty eating, drinking and breathing."

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