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Motivational interviews 'improve mood in stroke patients'

Motivational interviews 'improve mood in stroke patients'
24th June 2011

'Motivational interviews' could be instrumental in reducing depression and boosting survival rates following a stroke, scientists maintain.

Stroke survivors who received several sessions of 'motivational interviews' soon after the cardiovascular event were seen to exhibit normal mood, fewer instances of depression and higher rates of survival after one year in comparison to those who were offered just standard stroke care.

The research, reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, revealed that after one year, 48 per cent of patients who underwent early talk-based therapy had normal mood, compared to 37.7 per cent of those who did not undergo the treatment.

Motivational interviewing is usually used on patients with health problems which require a change of behaviour, but in this instance it was used to complement the adjustment to life after stroke.

Meanwhile, research conducted at Indiana University revealed that yoga could help stroke survivors to improve their balance and endurance.

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