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Mother's story exposes grim reality of drug addiction

Mother's story exposes grim reality of drug addiction
13th November 2007

The tragic story of a resident at West Abbey care home has appeared in the national media.

Nina Williams was left brain damaged after a heroin overdose at the age of 19 and has been cared for in the home ever since.

Nina's mother, Chris, told The Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine that she wanted to expose the "unglamorous" side of drug-taking.

Nina became hooked on drugs while still at college, having previously suffered from anorexia. Chris thinks that part of her attraction to heroin was that it ensured she remained thin.

Reflecting on the column inches devoted to drug-addicted celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, Chris said: "I would say to Amy Winehouse, 'Please come and visit Nina'."

She added: "That is the only thing Nina can do now. She can save someone else."

Beverley Davies, the general manager of West Abbey, said: "Nina has been with us for eight years and the staff at West Abbey have really got to know her and her family.

"Chris Williams came to me to ask if we would like to be involved in the piece and of course we were more than happy to help them share their story."

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