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Most care home beds 'available in south-east'

Most care home beds 'available in south-east'
10th December 2008

The general union GMB has found that the area with the most beds for the elderly in the UK is the south-east, with 61,122 beds available.

In its survey, GMB found that there were 420,962 beds in the UK, with 91 per cent of them taken across the country on average.

GMB national officer and representative for care workers Sharon Holder said her union wished to see sustainable long-term funding for care homes across the country, with workers being properly paid and given good conditions as well as new skill sets.

She continued: "Above all, GMB has told the government that this service cannot be provided on the cheap and that the postcode lottery that the current funding regime entails is not fair and cannot deliver the standards that are needed."

The GMB represents nearly 600,000 people in the UK, with one in every 32 people working in the UK part of the organisation.

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