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Most Brits 'have no idea about care costs'

Most Brits 'have no idea about care costs'
9th November 2010

More than three-quarters of people in the UK have no idea how much social care is going to cost them in the future, it has been claimed.

A survey conducted by ICM on behalf of BBC Radio 4 found that 77 per cent of people either vastly underestimate or are completely oblivious to the real cost of quality care, the Press Association reports.

As a result, very few are making the appropriate financial arrangements to ensure they are looked after in their later years, the poll shows, with 47 per cent expecting to need social care, which is not automatically free.

The BBC noted that official figures expect that one-fifth of the population will need care costing in excess of £50,000 later in life, while four out of five will develop significant disability needs in older age.

Jo Webber, the director of policy for the NHS Confederation, recently called for the local government to work together with the NHS to ensure that every penny of funding is used effectively when providing social care.

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