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Mortality reduced by vitamin D with calcium

Mortality reduced by vitamin D with calcium
15th June 2012

Taking vitamin D with calcium can lower mortality among older adults, according to a recent study.

Researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found that the vitamin has positive effects on life expectancy when used in conjunction with calcium, but cannot generate the same results when used alone.

The study expands on previous research that shows how vitamin D with calcium can lower fracture risk.

Researchers found that a general increase in mortality was not singularly attributable to the lower number of fractures, but was the result of other beneficial effects of vitamin D with calcium.

Dr Lars Rejnmark, lead author of the study, commented that while in the past studies have "suggested calcium (with or without vitamin D) supplements can have adverse effects on cardiovascular health," this paper, while not ruling out this possibility, finds that "vitamin D supplementation to elderly participants is overall not harmful to survival".

It has previously been suggested that vitamin D can also reduce stroke risk, as it inhibits inflammation.

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