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More weight around the midriff 'could point to asthma'

More weight around the midriff 'could point to asthma'
26th August 2009

An expert in asthma has responded to a poll carried out this summer which found that women with a large waist have a higher risk of developing asthma.

The research, which was published in Thorax, gained the attention from Leanne Metcalf, the assistant director of research at Asthma UK.

She said that many people who are overweight will naturally find it more difficult to manage their asthma symptoms.

Ms Metcalf said: "What is interesting about this study is that it builds on a couple of previous studies which indicate that BMI waste size, if they increase, then the likelihood of getting asthma is increased.

"The fact that they looked at 88,000 women in this study and shown quite significant results is what makes it very interesting."

However, other causes of asthma should not be overlooked, she added, such as children of mothers who smoked while the baby was in the womb or family history.

According to the most recent obesity statistics from the NHS Information Centre, men and women are equally likely to be obese, though men are more likely than women to be overweight.

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