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More research needed to avoid 'dementia catastrophe'

More research needed to avoid 'dementia catastrophe'
9th February 2011

More Brits are afraid of being diagnosed with dementia than are worried about contracting cancer or dying, new research has shown.

Despite these findings by a YouGov poll, for every one scientist researching dementia, six are working in the field of cancer. Additionally, 12 times as much funding is spent on cancer each year.

At the launch of a campaign by Alzheimer's UK, author Sir Terry Pratchett said that the sort of drive that surrounded HIV in the eighties needs to be generated.

The charity commented: "We must gear up to tackle this challenge by investing in research and support or else face a dementia catastrophe. Alzheimer's Society is committed to doubling our investment in dementia research and we urge the government to make a similar commitment."

Meanwhile, the charity has launched a new iPhone application designed to tackle stigma surrounding Alzheimer's.

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