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More information for Parkinson's patients

13th April 2007

The Parkinson's Disease Society has called on health care professionals to provide more support and information for people diagnosed with the disease.

Speaking ahead of Parkinson's Awareness Week, a spokesperson for the charity said: "[Being diagnosed] can lead to fear and frustration. People ask: What is this going to mean? What will happen to me financially? What impact will it have on my family?'

"These are all thoughts that go round people's heads and unfortunately we know that not all healthcare professionals provide the kind of information that patients need at diagnosis.

"So for us the purpose of this awareness week is to let as many people know with Parkinson's that the society is there to help them."

She went on to explain that there is a good understanding of the symptoms of Parkinson's among the public, but understanding is limited in terms of how the disease affects a sufferer's daily life.

She said: "Where public awareness falls down is around how the disease affects someone, for example, if they are trying to get on a train or if they are in the supermarket."

The society will be working to raise awareness at all levels during Parkinson's Awareness Week, which starts on April 16th.