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More donations needed for cures, charity says

More donations needed for cures, charity says
20th February 2009

The Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) has highlighted the need for donors to offer their brains for use in medical trials after their death.

Dr Kieran Breen, the director of research and development at the PDS, told BBC News recently that developments at Keele University - where tests on bright light have been seen to detect early Parkinson's disease - need to be developed using samples of brain cells.

The huge step forward needed to take this research into the future must not depend on one set of clinical symptoms alone, however, with the expert stressing the need for materials to continue with a varied set of trials.

Dr Breen continued: "Because research like this has to be carried out initially using brain tissue before we can test it in people, it is vital that we have an appropriate supply of brain tissue available for these important studies."

The idea of a million-watt bulb detecting Parkinson's disease was developed by a team led by Dr Joanna Collingwood, which finds iron build-ups in brain tissue.

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