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'More brains needed' if dementia cure found

'More brains needed' if dementia cure found
6th January 2009

More brains need to be donated by people after their death if cures are to be discovered for such diseases as dementia and Parkinson's, according to scientists in the UK.

The donor service is in dire need of more organs in order to research into the effects of degenerative and neurological conditions on the physical state of the brain so cures can be formulated and ultimately delivered.

Healthy people are being asked to help the cause by signing up for the donor card, as it can lead to a number of discoveries, many of which have led scientists to making breakthrough discoveries.

These include the findings of L-dopa treatment for Parkinson's disease, the Lewy bodies in dementia, the role of glutamate in schizophrenia and other mental conditions otherwise undiagnosable, the BBC noted.

Championing the research into Alzheimer's alongside the scientists is fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett, who received a knighthood by the Queen for his services to literature in the New Year's Honours List.

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