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Moderate drinkers 'less likely to get dementia'

Moderate drinkers 'less likely to get dementia'
1st September 2009

New research has discovered that people who drink light or moderate amounts of alcohol are less likely to develop dementia than their teetotal counterparts.

The Australian National University (ANU) announced its discovery following 15 separate scientific studies, with the sum total of the interviewees topping 10,000.

Research focused on older members of the community of both genders, with results generally showing the same trend between drink and dementia in men and women.

Commenting on the conclusions, Professor Kaarin Anstey from the Centre for Mental Health Research at ANU said: "There is not yet enough scientific data published to draw conclusions about how early life alcohol consumption affects later dementia risk.

"We also did not analyse the type of alcohol beverages consumed as there are not enough studies that reported results separately for beer, wine, etc."

However, there is such a condition known as alcohol dementia, which can be caused by excessive drinking and alcoholism resulting in serious cognitive problems.

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