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Moderate alcohol can reduce women's heart attack risk

24th May 2007

Moderate drinking can reduces women's risk of heart attack, new research has revealed.

However, moderation is said to be the key. Women who were intoxicated at least once a month were found to be three times more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Joan M Dorn, author of the study, said: "These findings have important implications, because heart disease is the leading cause of death for women.

"Overdoing it is harmful and what is too much depends on each individual. In some women, one drink may cause intoxication."

The study found that the greatest benefits in terms of heart health were among women who drank daily.

Those drinking with food and without were also found to be at a lower risk than those who abstained from alcohol.

Ms Dorn continued: "I certainly wouldn't recommend that women start drinking, but among those who do, if they are concerned about heart health, the message is that a small amount is OK."