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MND Association welcomes major funding project

MND Association welcomes major funding project
11th November 2009

The Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council has announced it will provide a £4.6 million research grant to leading motor neurone disease (MND) researchers.

It follows the discovery of nerve cell degeneration patterns, which have linked MND and fronto-temporal dementia to abnormal deposits of the RNA processing proteins TDP-43 and FUS.

President of the MND Association professor Colin Blakemore, a man widely regarded as one of the UK's leading scientists, welcomed the grant and said it was another indication of the importance and need for boosted research in the field of MND.

He continued: "The discovery of a number of genetic mutations that underlie the rare inherited forms of MND could help us to understand common, non-inherited forms of MND but also other degenerative diseases of the nervous system."

Professor Blakemore added that seeing this concentration of funding aimed at the origins of these "terrible diseases" is heartwarming.

This month, the charity announced that the All-Party Parliamentary Group on MND will shortly launch an inquiry into the provision of specialist services for people living with the condition in England.

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