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MND Association stands by supporters after assisted suicide ruling

MND Association stands by supporters after assisted suicide ruling
29th September 2009

Following the issuance of interim guidance to clarify the prosecutor's position on assisted suicide in England and Wales, another charity has given its opinion on the situation.

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association explained that it aims to help carers understand the new terms and conditions hen and where they are needed, adding that it will always be there to support all people living with the condition.

Kirstine Knox, the chief executive of the MND Association, explained that assisted suicide is nothing short of a societal issue deserving of public discussion, adding that government considerations and decisions have to reflect the values and views of UK culture as a whole.

She continued: "It is not an issue which can be kept within the confines of the DPP, courts and those with a terminal disease or long-term condition.

"The MND Association neither supports nor opposes any attempt to change the law regarding assisted suicide."

October 6th will mark the 30th anniversary of the MND Association, with the charity asking those tied to them to light lanterns in memory of those who have lost their lives to MND, as well as those currently fighting it.

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