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MND Association release poster amid TV advert ban

MND Association release poster amid TV advert ban
25th June 2009

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association has launched a poster campaign to counteract the lack of press another advertisement has been allowed to give to the charity.

Sarah's Story, the cutting-edge portrayal of MND sufferer Sarah Ezekiel, will go on billboards around the country after TV watchdog Clearcast banned the advert from terrestrial screens.

However, the MND Association sees this as a particularly baffling decision, given it was allowed to be shown by the Advertising Standards Authority following five complaints made by cinema-goers during its limited run.

Donna Cresswell, the director of communications at the MND Association, said: "That means two separate regulatory bodies cannot agree on what the general public are allowed to see. It's time they got their act together.

"We set out to raise awareness of just how devastating this disease is. The film achieves this in a compelling and truthful way."

Last month, the MND Association made huge steps towards treating sufferers after HRH The Princess Royal opened a dedicated MND centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital in West Smithfield.

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