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MND Association promotes first advert for disease

MND Association promotes first advert for disease
5th February 2009

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association has announced its first ever UK broadcast advert created in order to improve the public's understanding of the condition.

Sarah's Story documents the situation facing Sarah Ezekiel, a woman diagnosed with MND in April 2000, who has lost the use of her limbs and continues to struggle with her speech.

It portrays a person being "attacked" by MND, with an actress' face superimposed onto Ms Ezekiel's body.

Kristine Knox, the chief executive of the MND Association, stated that her organisation existed solely to fight for those suffering from the condition, adding that the new campaign was part of a big push to highlight the problems of the disease.

She continued: "We have a responsibility to do this and if we're not going to do this, then who will? We need to tell the world about MND and Sarah's Story helps us to do this."

The MND Association has over 95 branches and groups dotted around the country to provide support to those affected by the disease.

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