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MND Association looks to maximise performance

MND Association looks to maximise performance
16th June 2009

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association has revealed that it has joined forces with the Advanced Performance Institute in order to ensure the charity is the most effective it can be.

Representatives from the organisation are working with the charity to implement a strategic performance management system to help donated money reach its intended targets as effectively as possible.

Kirstine Knox, the chief executive of the MND Association, said the economic downturn is creating a particularly tough climate for a number of charities and now such organisations as her own need to demonstrate how they are "making a difference to their beneficiaries".

She added: "It's our responsibility to make sure that people with MND remain at the heart of everything we do and our performance-led system will help us achieve that."

Last week, the Advertising Standards Authority found in favour of the MND Association's ad campaign depicting a sufferer of the disease, following several complaints from viewers.

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