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MND Association: Govt must do more to help sufferers

MND Association: Govt must do more to help sufferers
17th July 2009

The government has published a Green Paper on the future of social care in England - a release which has concerned the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.

According to the charity, the current system is unfair, complicated and cannot respond well enough to the demands laid out by both MND sufferers and their carers.

The MND Association continued: "The Association urges the government to continue to seek immediate solutions to the most urgent problems, so that care will be improved for people currently living with MND, even if the long-term review of care provision means that these changes are only needed for a short time."

It added that ultimately, the charity wants to see a system which is fair, transparent and has the ability to respond to the needs of people with a rapidly-progressing terminal condition.

Last month, the MND Association was supported by former chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead, who lambasted the decision by TV watchdog Clearcast to ban a recent hard-hitting MND campaign from hitting TV screens around the country.

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