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MND Association announces lantern for life initiative

MND Association announces lantern for life initiative
21st September 2009

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association will be celebrating its 30th anniversary on October 6th, with the organisation looking to highlight the occasion quite literally.

According to the charity, it will be commemorating the lives of those who have been claimed by MND as well as those living with the disease at the moment through lanterns.

Thousands of people across England, Northern Ireland and Wales have been asked to mark the occasion by lighting a lantern for loved ones, whether it is at a lantern for life event in a public place or at home in memory of their special one.

"We hope that lanterns will be lit throughout the country to mark all the friends we have lost to the disease and to illustrate our hope for the future," said Kirstine Knox, the chief executive of the MND Association.

Over the coming weeks, representatives of the MND Association aim to address all political party conferences to highlight the cause of the disease.

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