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Misunderstanding of care system 'caused by lack of discussion'

Misunderstanding of care system 'caused by lack of discussion'
12th December 2011

Failure to discuss paying for care in old age is contributing to society's lack of understanding about the issue, according to a leading economist.

Andrew Dilnot, who has been tasked by the government to find new ways of funding UK social care, gave evidence during a televised Health Committee debate, calling for major reforms to the care funding framework which he believes leaves people with little control over their fate.

According to the Daily Telegraph, he said: "It is complicated but frankly it's also a mess.

"The reason it's not talked about is that it's a juggernaut coming at you … there isn't discussion because people never make choices, they feel they don't have control."

In addition to focusing on funding, the Committee has also been exploring care quality this week.

In a session on December 7th, experts from the Care Quality Commission, Royal College of Nursing and British Medical Association were asked to give evidence on the issues faced by staff speaking out about poor practice in the sector.

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