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Mistreatment levels in dementia care 'high'

Mistreatment levels in dementia care 'high'
23rd January 2009

In a recent piece of research by University College London, it was found that over half of people taking care of relatives with dementia have admitted to mistreating them.

Threats and verbal abuse were found to be the most common way of lashing out by home carers struggling to handle the disease, which has the propensity to make sufferers into a more aggressive version of themselves, brought on by the confusion which it can cause.

Many may consider professional dementia care for their relatives, with the Alzheimer's Society going as far as to say that such actions can be paralleled with child abuse.

A spokesperson for the charity told the BBC: "People with dementia are the most vulnerable in society and it is shocking that this study has found that they are being subjected to abuse in their own home."

The charity deals with 30,000 people on a weekly basis, providing services and support to them and extending the learning to over one million people in the UK who will go on to use the information.

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