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Ministers condemn Labour's disabled care policies

8th May 2006

A number of ministers have spoken out against the level of respite care received by disabled people, according to

MPs last week debated the government's strategy in providing respite care for the disabled with many claiming that Labour has failed to get to grips with the UK's system.

The Conservative MP for West Chelmsford, Simon Burns, claimed that the system was letting disabled people down.

"The situation with regard to respite care is quite frankly a disgrace. When is this government actually going to get to grips with this issue rather than just speaking about it," he said.

He added that disabled people either faced a long waiting list or having very little control over when they could receive respite care.

Anne McGuire, minister for disabled people, admitted that the respite care system could be bewildering to some people but added: "I'm sure we can look at examples where respite care provision actually responds very meaningfully to the wishes and the aspirations of local families."

It was the first time the government's policies for disabled care had been debated in the commons since 2004.