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Mineral water help for Alzheimer's sufferers

26th May 2006

A certain brand of mineral water could help reduce the levels of aluminium in Alzheimer's sufferers.

Scientists at Keele University found that in tests on ten Alzheimer's patients, 1.5 litres each day of Volvic over a five-day period resulted in a decline of aluminium levels in the body.

The researchers believe that the high levels of silicon that are contained in the drink are the cause of the reduction, as silicon is a natural protector against aluminium's toxicity.

Many researchers believe there is a strong link between the body's aluminium levels and the development of the disease and that anything that can reduce levels is to be welcomed.

Dr Chris Exley, of the Birchall Centre for Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science at Keele's Lennard-Jones Laboratories, said: "A future study is needed to confirm that long term drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water can reduce the body burden of aluminium in Alzheimer's disease.

"We shall then be able to determine if concomitant with the reduction in body aluminium there are improvements in the nature and progression of the disease."