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Mind: WCA is deeply flawed

Mind: WCA is deeply flawed
7th November 2012

Mind has criticised the government over the release of figures from the Department of Work and Pensions relating to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

Data released by the coalition shows one third of the claimants who have been put through the WCA have been told that they are fit to work.

Chief executive of Mind Paul Farmer stated the WCA is "deeply flawed and unsuitable" for judging when people with mental health concerns are able to go back to work.

"Many people who have been reassessed may have been wrongly declared 'Fit for Work'", he said, adding that these individuals will now have to look for work under the threat of sanctions which may be deemed to be "totally inappropriate".

It was noted by the government that a trial of the WCA was first launched in Aberdeen and Burnley two years ago.

The programme began to be introduced in February 2011 and was widespread two months later.

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