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Mind: Govt must protect workers with mental health issues

Mind: Govt must protect workers with mental health issues
17th May 2012

The government must ensure that the welfare of workers with mental health issues is protected as it works to cut red tape.

This is the opinion of Mind's chief executive Paul Farmer, in response to a government announcement on the outcome of the Red Tape Challenge consultation.

"In trying to cut through the administrative burden on businesses it is vital that important regulations that protect the employment rights of people with mental health problems are not lost," he said.

In particular, Mind is concerned about the possibility of the return of pre-employment questionnaires that allow employers to screen candidates for mental health issues and disability.

The questionnaires have only recently been disbanded and Mind is urging the government not to make a return to these "discriminatory practices".   

However, the government hopes that by cutting red tape, they will be able to encourage more employers to take on those with mental health issues.

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