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Mind fights for fairer benefits

Mind fights for fairer benefits
30th January 2012

Mind is fighting for fairer benefits for those with mental health conditions.

The mental health charity is calling on MPs to vote for the House of Lord's amendment to the Welfare Reform Bill, which will extend the period of support to two years.

With over a third of people with mental health problems on Employment Support Allowance (ESA), changes to the UKs welfare system could seriously harm those experiencing mental complications and requiring time to recover before returning to work.

Governmental figures show that some 94 per cent of people need support for more than twelve months after a change to their mental wellbeing.

However, government proposals to limit the contributory ESA to one year will push those not ready to return to work back into employment, effecting their health and recovery in both the long and short term.

The House of Lords has currently opposed the proposal and called for the time-limit to be extended to two years, but the government has said that it will reverse the decision when the Bill returns to the House of Commons this week (February 1st).

Labour has announced its support of the Lord's amendment, which could also affect up to 7,000 cancer patients.

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