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Millions of older adults 'not helped by neighbours'

Millions of older adults 'not helped by neighbours'
16th November 2012

Millions of older adults living in the UK are not getting any help or support from their neighbours, according to a new report from Age UK.

The body found that over 700,000 (seven per cent) of older people in the UK do not even know their neighbours.

As a result of its study, Age UK is launching its Spread the Warmth winter campaign, which is backed by actress Dame Helen Mirren and aims to encourage members of the public to help their neighbours.

"I'd urge everyone to get stuck in this winter and help out older friends, neighbours and relatives with Age UK," said the Calendar Girls star, who added it is "shocking" how many older adults die every winter in the UK.

Mirren - who is famous for roles in films such as The Queen, Red and State of Play - also noted it is important to spread the word about how important it is to keep warm in the winter months.

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