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Milk consumption 'can ease blood pressure risk'

Milk consumption 'can ease blood pressure risk'
21st February 2008

Women who drink increased amounts of fat-free milk and eat food with high levels of vitamin D and calcium in could have a lowered risk of hypertension, it has emerged.

A new study, published in the journal Hypertension, suggests that a calcium-rich diet is related to lower blood pressure levels.

Researchers from Harvard University examined the diets of nearly 30,000 middle-aged and elderly women and found that those drinking two or more servings of fat-free milk each day reduced their chances of developing hypertension by ten per cent.

They also discovered that participants with increased levels of calcium within their diet reduced their risk levels by 13 per cent, while those eating vitamin D-rich foods had a five per cent less chance of developing the condition.

Higher fat milk and vitamin supplements did not have the same effect.

According to, approximately half of people aged over 65 suffer from high blood pressure.

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