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Mental health sufferers should be given "parity with physical patients"

Mental health sufferers should be given
27th March 2013

Those with mental health issues should be given the same priority in hospitals as those suffering from physical health issues.

This is according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which points out that on average people with severe mental illness die 15 to 20 years sooner than normal.

Professor Sue Bailey, president of the College, said mental health care has improved somewhat in the past decade but still does not receive parity with physical health and in some cases the consequences are "serious".

''I urge the government, policy-makers, service commissioners and providers, professionals and the public to always think in terms of the whole person - body and mind - and to apply a 'parity test' to all their activities and to their attitudes," she stated

Norman Lamb, care and support minister, added that it is the goal of the entire health system to provide mental health care which is of the same standard as that received by physical health patients.

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