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Mental health patients living below the poverty line

Mental health patients living below the poverty line
15th December 2011

Worrying numbers of people with mental health issues are living below the poverty line, new research has revealed.

A study from mental health charity Mind has revealed that persons who experience mental health problems often find themselves in poverty, as they struggle to manage money.

It was found that 45 per cent of people experiencing mental distress and debt were struggling to live on £200 per week, while over 80 per cent of people with mental health problems felt that they were struggling to manage their finances.

To combat the problem, Mind is calling on mental health patients to seek help and advice if they find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, stated: "Everyday people with mental health problems are making tough choices between paying bills and putting food on the table.

"People with experience of mental distress are three times more likely to live in debt and poverty."

The levels of people of working-age who are deemed to be at high risk of mental illness have remained constant over the last decade, at 16 per cent.

Experts are continuing to call on the government to take action to prevent those most vulnerable from dipping under the poverty line.

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