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Mental health 'needs to be treated as much as physical ailments'

Mental health 'needs to be treated as much as physical ailments'
27th July 2009

People across the UK should consider mental faculties to be as important to maintain as their physical counterparts when taking care of themselves and others, it has been emphasised.

Simon Lawton-Smith, the head of policy for the Mental Health Foundation, explained that it is extremely important for the nation as a whole to think about the mental health of themselves and their peers.

Should it be ignored, the expert believes that relationships between people will deteriorate and working lives will be less effective, perhaps impacting on the income of a number of people if they do not address their problems.

Mr Lawton-Smith explained: "Some activities, such as regular exercise, can be helpful for particular problems such as depression but they can also be used by everyone to stay feeling good.

"The better mental health we have, the more we enjoy life."

According to recent research by the Mental Health Foundation, one in six people in the UK experiences depression and this figure could increase as people face up to the economic crisis and issues such as unemployment and debt.

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