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Mental health 'mismanaged' by employers

Mental health 'mismanaged' by employers
23rd February 2012

Mental health is often mismanaged by employers in the UK, according to one industry expert.

Andy Bell, spokesman for the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, explained: "Many employers do not know how to manage mental ill health despite the fact that one in six of us will have a mental health condition every year."

In the working environment depression and anxiety often go unnoticed. This can result in workers feeling alienated and unsupported.

Putting in place a simple system in the workplace to manage mental health can help improve the experience of patients and allow those who would otherwise have had to leave employment to perhaps stay on while managing their condition.

For those returning to work, knowing that they can be properly managed and receive assistance in their recovery will help them re-enter the workplace sooner.

This will positively benefit employees, employers and the economy, as staff are able to be take up their position as productive workers faster.

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