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Mental health choice expanded

10th November 2006

The Department of Health has published a new document aimed to give people with mental health problems more choice as to the help they receive.

The paper, entitled: Our Choices in Mental Health, outlines plans for a new national framework that will allow people more options on a local basis.

It is hoped that the framework will allow patients to realise the number of options that should be open to them, and help patients make their own decisions about the kind of treatment they receive.

Rosie Winterton, minister for health, commented: "We want patients to be able to choose how, when and where to access help. We want them to be able to choose the treatment that best suits their needs and to access the support they need to keep or regain their independence.

She added that she believes the new guidance will "really empower service users."

According to the Mental Health Foundation, around one person in ten is thought to be suffering from some form of depression at any given time.