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Mental health care for war veterans improving

20th October 2006

The defence minister with responsibility for veterans, Derek Twigg, has said that mental health services are being improved for those psychologically affected by war.

He told ITV's Evening News that while mental health services for those currently serving are now "excellent" and that the Ministry of Defence is now working with the NHS and charities like Combat Stress to improve services for veterans.

"Now we're looking at for instance better community-based care with access to military and medical services. We're looking at possibly rolling that out next year," said Mr Twigg.

"We are always looking to see how we can improve the treatment for veterans and that is why we are working with the NHS and charities to do that."

According to Combat Stress, a specialist charity for war veterans, it helps about 700 new veterans each year and has assisted people serving in every British Armed services campaign from the start of World War Two until the present day.