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Men 'must do more' to protect hearts

1st June 2007

Men are often too complacent when it comes to their heart health, according to Heart Research UK.

Heart Research UK is a national charity which funds research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

As the biggest cause of death in men, killing one in four, heart disease needs to be prevented through changes in diet and lifestyle the charity said.

Explaining why men face a heightened risk, Denise Armstrong, spokesperson for Heart Research UK, said: "It's not just lifestyle [that endangers men more than woman].

"Women are actually protected by the hormone oestrogen, so we actually have an advantage over men anyway.

"Men tend not to see doctors as much as women and not have as many…cholesterol or blood pressure checks."

Ms Armstrong offered the following advice to middle-aged and older men: "Look at your lifestyle; cut down on saturated fats [and] salts. Salt is extremely bad: 85 per cent of men eat too much salt.

"Try to keep an eye on your waistline. Exercise is very important as well."