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Men must be aware of breast cancer

Men must be aware of breast cancer
10th February 2012

Men are being urged to check themselves for breast cancer and to not fall into the trap of believing they are immune.

Nina Barough, chief executive officer, founder and chief executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide, explained: "It is not only women that can get breast cancer but men can as well.

"I think that it is about really knowing your body and being aware of your body."

People should be on the lookout for a change in tissue, breast density and overall feel. Any abnormalities should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible.

Ms Barough stresses that men and women should not feel embarrassed about pestering their GP if their suspicions are unfounded.

Receiving advice and being told that a problem is nothing is a better option than waiting until a complaint becomes serious.

Furthermore, it is essential that men are aware of the risk that breast cancer poses to them, as males with the condition have an increased risk of developing secondary cancer.

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