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Memory cafe initiative hits West Country

Memory cafe initiative hits West Country
25th August 2009

The Alzheimer's Society branch based in the Yeovil, Sherbourne and District area is to open its new memory cafe next month to support people affected by the neurodegenerative condition.

In a bid to provide information, encourage a convivial and welcoming atmosphere while also giving much-needed support through experts and others living with the condition, the charity is slowly rolling out the initiative around the country to promote a self-sufficient community spirit.

The newest branch, according to the Yeovil Express, will open at the British Red Cross Centre in the town's Grove Avenue and will operate on alternate Wednesday mornings starting from September 30th.

The Alzheimer's Society now predicts that around 700,000 people in the UK have the disease, which can cause anything from memory loss and physical disability to outright personality changes.

Furthermore, 60,000 deaths in the UK are directly attributable to the condition, though this could be reduced to 30,000 if the onset of dementia is delayed by five years.

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