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Mediterranean diet 'could fight diseases'

Mediterranean diet 'could fight diseases'
12th September 2008

A Mediterranean-style diet could help people live longer in addition to protecting them against Parkinson's, heart disease and Alzheimer's, new research suggests.

Scientists at the University of Florence collected notes on the dietary habits and wellbeing of more than 1.5 million people, a study published in the British Medical Journal shows.

Those volunteers who strictly stayed with a Mediterranean diet were less likely to die of certain causes and had a decreased chance of developing a major chronic disease.

Scientists told the journal: "These results seem to be clinically relevant for public health, in particular for encouraging a Mediterranean-like dietary pattern for primary prevention of major chronic diseases."

It emerged this week that researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University are looking at the possibility that regular intakes of fish oil alongside an antioxidant which prevents the Omega-3 from breaking down rapidly, could help improve the memories of those with early Alzheimer's.

The researchers told the online news source the research follows a number of studies which suggest fish can decrease the risk of developing the disease.

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