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Medical homes 'improve' patient experiences

Medical homes 'improve' patient experiences
9th November 2011

Adults who undergo care at a medical home have better experiences, according to a recent study.

In a survey of more than 18,000 patients across the globe, those who underwent care in a medical home were more likely to have access to high quality health care, which directly improved their experiences of illness.

Cathy Schoen, lead author of the study, stated: "Patients with primary care practices that help them navigate the care system and provide easy access are far less likely to encounter duplication, delays and failures to share important information."

The study also named the UK as leaders in having rapid access to primary care, easy access to after-hours care, and comparatively low rates of coordination gaps and patient-reported medical errors.

A high standard of care has been found to be vital for the successful administration of treatment and recovery.

The environment in which a patient convalesces following an illness is also thought to contribute to wellbeing and health.

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